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Pipe Reconstruction, Inc. earned its reputation working in the nuclear industry. Over the years many other industries have relied on PRI's Carbon Fiber / Epoxy Composites for their projects.  Here is just a sample of the types of work we do. 

Nuclear water line repair

in 1997, PRI was the first company approved to use carbon fiber composites on buried piping in the nuclear industry. Our team has the experience to repair pipes, tanks, ponds, and structures for this industry.

emergency water line repair

We can design an emergency water or sewer line repair in as little as 4 hours and mobilize to virtually any site within 24 to 48 hours. We also prepare pre-approved emergency plans for most potential occurances.

carbon fiber pipeline repair
Oil and Gas

Our product can repair ruptured lines large or small, in any location, from cities to mountains in half the time of traditional replacement methods. 

carbon fiber bridge repair

Bridge deterioration is a growing potential public disaster that can occur with little warning.  Our team can provide a repair solution that can keep bridges in service through the next century.

parking garage repair
Repair and Renovation

Our carbon fiber composite wraps have the strength to repair damaged beams, walls, foundations and roofs stronger than the original product design. Make major modifications fast and with minimal disruption.

carbon fiber reinforcement
New Construction

PRI's carbon fiber / epoxy composite allows you to create spans that are longer, stronger and narrower that you have ever imagined. Add support for wood frame construction where you need it without added steel.

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