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PRI opens a whole new world of capabilities to the construction repair and design industry.  Our carbon fiber / epoxy composites have been used by hundreds of companies in many innovative ways such as to repair or replace massive expansion joints, aging infrustructure and damaged support structures, or for additional support to add a second floor on a building or to span long distances without the use of columns. 


In 1997 Pipe Reconstruction, Inc. (PRI) and the KPFF Advanced Technology & Industrial Group invented the first application of a carbon fiber / epoxy resin composite to be used in the repair and strengthening of buried piping systems for the U.S. nuclear power plant industry. After almost 20 years of testing, approvals and hands-on experience, our proprietary carbon fiber composites far exceed the capabilities of any other carbon fiber product.  Our product has gone through rigorous testing and approvals from ASTM, ACI, ASME and the NSF for use on pressurized and non-pressurized pipe repair, potable water tanks, and chemical tanks.


PRI is also an industry leader in carbon fiber composite design, procurement and installation supervision used for bridges and building construction.  We provide fast, innovative, and cost effective solutions for the repair, replacement, or modification of all types of walls, foundations, structural columns and beams.


Our carbon fiber / epoxy composite outperforms original materials such as concrete, cast iron, wood and steel, making it invaluable in the repair and strengthening of virtually any product. A typical installation can result in a 50% reduction in time and cost compared to traditional repair or replacement methods.


It has also created a new level of creativity for architects and engineers looking to create iconic new structures that were previously considered too difficult to achieve. Let our experts help you find ways to improve your next design.

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